How it works

Phone lines, ISDN or onsite PBX systems are quickly becoming relics of the past. Businesses are turning to Hosted VoIP Solutions, like Astrofox Telecom in order to have a simple “plug and play” facility with simple management and total control. It also doesn’t hurt to save money on calls! All you need to get started is a Broadband Connection.

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there’s loads of really useful features!

Your Choice of Number

Either bring your own, or select your own with a choice of area code.

It's really Easy to Set Up

No Engineers, No Installation costs!

It keeps your costs low!

Our customers save on average 30% on their phone bill!

easily tailor your contact channel

Call Recording, Monitoring, Forwarding, Directory + More

here’s some more features..

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    Call Recording

    Record and stores your calls for playback and download when you need them for auditing or monitoring.

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    Call Forwarding

    Out of the office? Not a problem! Simply forward your calls when you need to.

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    Intelligent IVR Menus to help your customers reach the right department.

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    TPS Checking

    Activate Telephone Preference Service checking on any of your extensions where needed.

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    Call Monitoring

    Seamlessly listen in to other extensions using a secure pin number for QA purposes.

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    Call Queues

    Busy Office? Utilise your Queuing feature to keep your customers engaged.

Our business phone solution is delivered over the Internet and is hosted in the cloud, making the cupboard full of expensive equipment and wires a thing of the past. We reckon that you’ll save 30% on average for your phone bill. That’s huge! All you need to get started is a Broadband Line, and hey, we’ll even provide that!