Business IT Support

This solution provides your business with a fully fledged IT department. Your staff have a one-point of contact line direct to our 2nd Line support who either fix the issue remotely or physically get up out of their chair and immediately come to your premises. Our helpdesk never takes a day off, never sleeps and is always eager to help. A fully comprehensive Business IT Support solution.

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    Remove the stress.

    With the cost of fines, potential extortion and clean up after a malicious attack enough to cripple a business, it’s hard to ignore! We take away the uncertainty looking after the security of your IT systems.

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    Nurture your growth.

    Improving productivity, reduce staff overhead or changing the way you interact with your customers. IT can be made to work for you.

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    Increase Productivity

    By actively monitoring and working proactively we prevent IT issues impacting your’s and your staff’s day. Keeping systems performing and reducing interruptions. Less interruptions = more work done simple!

Arrange a Free Consultation

once upon a time on a monday morning…

It’s rubbish when stuff breaks. Some days it can feel a bit like your systems are intent on making it as difficult as possible to perform even basic tasks. Who wants to run the risk of losing a day of business because today the computer decided not to switch on?

…so they turned to Jim, he’s the office Guru

Most of the time he knows about this computery stuff, and hey – why buy the cow when the milk is free right? They weren’t really concerned with his lack of technical training, data protection, fraud prevention or security… thank goodness he still works for the company, and he never takes a holiday! They just want the problem sorted. It’s worked in the past, so why not now? Forget Business IT Support – let’s get Jim on the case!

…it’s dead.. jim

Jim’s a nice bloke n’ all, and they’ve known him for ages – but he hasn’t really fixed the problem.. maybe he used unlicensed software, made the problem worse, accidently deleted something or due to lack of expertise gave them some poor advice which resulted in them buying the wrong part, the wrong software or something completely inappropriate for their business… worse, maybe he wasted their time!

It’s definately time they dropped the dreaded “DIY Approach”



Instantly eliminate the hassle of IT issues and implementation with our fully outsourced IT department Solution. Astrofox Helpdesk™ gives you and your staff one point of contact on everything from mentoring and advice to efficiently setting up or repairing equipment. A truly comprehensive Business IT Support solution

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    Remote Support

    When you contact us we begin work on your issue immediately, in many cases fixing your problem right there and then with our sophisticated Remote Desktop Support software.

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    We use a “Case” system; each issue requires a satisfactory resolution. This means you can be sure your issues are dealt with to completion and to your satisfaction.

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    Active Monitoring

    Why wait until things break? Active monitoring allows peace of mind as we ensure your mission critical systems are running smoothly, 24/7.

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    Networks and Printing

    We will troubleshoot those annoying printer issues and provide cover for your internal network to ensure ongoing office productivity for you.

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    Servers and Mobiles

    We possess the knowledge and expertise to look after your servers and cloud systems. Additionally, we provide support for your mobiles and laptops making it easy to get support on the move.

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    Onsite Support

    We’ve completely eliminated the farce of first line support, so when you speak to us you speak with an engineer. If they are unable to resolve your issue right there on the phone they’ll come straight to your office!

Round the Clock Business IT Support

We don’t just supply Business IT Support in Newcastle, our areas of operation span from Edinburgh to York, which includes providing IT Support in Sunderland, Gateshead, Durham, Cumbria, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Middlesborough and more!

Business IT Support Service Area