Astrofox are a UK based Managed IT Services provider. From our Offices here in Tyne and Wear we provide outstanding Business IT Support and Solutions to lower your costs and increase productivity.

Managed IT Services

Business IT Support

Comprehensive Business IT Support, round the clock support to minimise your downtime and increase your productivity from our Newcastle Upon Tyne Headquarters!

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Mobile Business IT Support

IT Support Newcastle

Based in the newly refurbished Wallsend Town Hall Chambers in Newcastle upon Tyne, Astrofox provide Business to Business IT Support and Managed IT Services. The exciting part of our service is that the power is completely in your hands. You can enjoy the benefits of a full IT department without the overheads and costs involved. Although we’re proud of our North East heritage we operate nationally and have the ability to meet strict SLA’s nationwide – So contact us today and see how we can help!

How we can help

Astrofox IT Support Money Saving
Business Automation

Business automation through strategic IT planning. Increase productivity and lower costs.

Astrofox Network Security Logo
Network Security

Network and Internet Security including Web Filtering, Firewall and Shared Resource Management.

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IT Support

Professional and effective IT Support from our home right here in the North East.

Astrofox Asset Monitoring
Asset Monitoring

Round the clock hardware monitoring to ensure continuity of service and identify potential issues.

Astrofox Hosted VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP Solutions

VoIP from Astrofox gives you everything a traditional phone system does – but it’s hosted in the cloud. That means it’s easier to manage and change as your business grows. What’s more, it means less money spent on hardware and maintenance. You can take and manage calls from your desk phone, desktop and mobile. You don’t have to be based in Tyne and Wear or the North East, you could be based anywhere in the world!

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Email Solutions for Business

Microsoft Exchange® lets organisations big and small reap the benefits of using Exchange in conjunction with Outlook, without having to invest in the costly infrastructure. Share your calendars, contacts, set-up complex mail set-ups and use your BlackBerry or iPhone!

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Astrofox Sharing and Collaboration Solution

Sharing and Collaboration

Ensuring data is secure but also accessible to all of your colleagues, partners, co-workers and customers is a difficult task. Astrofox offers three methods for distributing and sharing content, giving you options dependent on the type of data and collaboration requirement.

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Cloud Backup Solutions

As part of our Managed IT Services, our hybrid backup solution enables you to protect your brand and intellectual property; making sure your data, applications and workloads are always a click away even in case of a disaster. We can help you replace the complexity of systems, software, process and integration activities traditionally associated with the management of backup solutions with simple services designed to automate and report on critical backup and restore activities.

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Network Security
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Increased Security


Security is one of the major issues surrounding IT Support. All companies using in-house IT support will have security procedures in place to ensure their company data does not end up in the wrong hands. We often find that in-house IT security is not as secure as one would expect due to the large overhead costs required to implement this effectively. Instead, in-house companies prefer to use a third party software as a way of securing their company information which can be ineffective and leave their data open to a breach. By outsourcing your IT support your company information will be secure as the majority of IT support businesses use the most advanced security systems for software and hardware. In many instances employees are responsible for disclosing company information to competitors and keeping our data from employees can also reduce the chances of a breach.

Today’s technology is advancing at a frightening pace and it can be difficult and time consuming to manage your IT functions in-house. By outsourcing your IT requirements you will save time and money to focus your energy on expanding your business. An outsourced IT company will offer expertise, lower overhead costs and way of continually improving your IT infrastructure.

Gaining Business through Reputation

Some of the wonderful things our fantastic clients say about us.

"Super support!"

Our IT systems basically run our business, it's good to know the Astrofox guys are taking care of everything as any downtime for us = loss of business!


Gary Crowther Manager at CrossChat

"Essential Service."

As a voluntary organisation, Astrofox are the only IT Support company who understand minimising costs and maximising return on investment in IT and the Voluntary Sector.


Sue Adams Chief Officer / NTDF

"Great flexibility."

Astrofox are our go-to guys for IT support. Excellent service and value for money. From Websites to Support, they do it all and they are there when we need them.


Paul Critchley Managing Director

IT Asset and Infrastructure Management

With Astrofox, you’re in great hands. Our Network Management and IT Support services from right here in Tyne and Wear mean you can focus on running your business.

Strategic Design

We optimise and enhance existing infrastructure configurations so you can make the most of your IT assets. Excellent Business IT Support means better business productivity.

Network Management

Cable Management, Termination point provision and Network Installation and Management to ensure the growth and accessibility of your Network in Tyne and Wear and the North East

Resource Management

Web Filtering, Content and Resource restrictions to ensure the right people have access to the right resources when needed – in a safe and secure way.

Disaster Prevention

Virus and Malware prevention and removal through our comprehensive and daily updated virus definition database for Workstations and Email. Disaster recovery and prevention solutions including onsite and cloud backups.

Better, local IT Support

Finding the most talented and knowledgeable IT specialists for your company can be an exhausting and laborious process – advertising the position, collating and filtering through applications, interviewing potential candidates and lastly, training and educating your new employee on your company values and processes. After they start their new position there is the monitoring stage – making sure they are integrating with their colleagues and living up to their application. This is a time consuming process that can be avoided by outsourcing your IT requirements. IT support companies service a diverse range of businesses in countless industries – making it their priority to hire the most competent professionals in the industry to excel in this fast paced and ever changing IT support industry. Staff employed by an IT support company will have all the imperative accreditation and a proven track record within the industry ensuring the best talent are servicing your IT requirements.

What can you offer my Business?

As a leading provider of IT Solutions and Managed IT Services in the North East and Tyne and Wear, we can offer your business the chance to save money on overheads such as staffing, sick/holiday pay and national insurance contributions by outsourcing your IT department to us. We can manage specific resources, or your entire IT infrastructure. When you need us, we’re there.

How much does this cost?

Comprehensive IT Support and Managed IT Services are a very cost effective way of utilising your budget. That’s because it costs less, and you get a far better service. Each case is unique, so if you’re interested in how your business can benefit from Managed IT Services then please get in touch today!

Do you provide SLA's?

Absolutely. As your IT department we endeavour to enter into a contract whereby we are bound to deliver support and maintenance on your mission critical devices. This includes our response time and availability meaning you and your staff should never have to wait to have your issue dealt with.

Where are Astrofox based?

Astrofox are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear in the sunny North East! Our Offices are based in the Town Hall Business Chambers in Wallsend.


25% Discount for Registered Charities

Not a lot of people know this but before founding Astrofox in 2015 we worked in the North Tyneside voluntary sector doing IT work for 9 years!

This means we fully understand the difficulties charities and voluntary organisations face when evidencing Information Technology as a cost of operation.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to offer a 25% discount to Registered Charities! Be sure to let us know and we can amend this into your quote!

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Structured Network Cable Installation

Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 Installation

Network Upgrades

Fibre Optic Networks

Network Cable Maintenance

Increase Data Speed

Voice and Data Networks

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